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    Graham Elliot combo?

    We are set on the first name Graham, and really like the way the middle name Elliot sounds with it. BUT...does "Graham Elliot" immediately remind you of the master chef/restaurant in Chicago? I honestly had never heard of him until I Googled it, but I'm also not a big celebrity foodie...

    I'm not sure how much it bothers me, since we can't find a middle name that flows as well...unless there are other suggestions!

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    For what it's worth, I've never heard of him either.

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    I live near Chicago and I've never heard of him.
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    Graham Elliot (blank)? What's the first initial of the surname and how many syllables does it have? Hopefully you've got a 1-3-2 syllable count and the initials don't spell anything (ex GET, GEM).
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    Okay, that's promising!

    Our last name is Simon. So it would be Graham Elliot Simon with the initials GES. This is why we stayed clear of any middle names that start with "A"!

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