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    I love your list and many of the suggestions. The only options I would add are Lucia (nn Lulu or Luci) and Eleni (nn ellie or leni). Both have beautiful meanings too.
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    First off, Vincent is amazing! Good choice.

    Most of your name choices are too sweet and sickly for me. They'd work as nicknames, but they are pretty twee and might not age well at all.
    That said, I like:
    Eleanor (You could use Lenore as a nickname! Vincent and Lenore! Like... Vincent Price, and Lenore from The Raven? Too cheesy? Just me? Fine. I got a kick out of it. :P)
    Vivienne (Vincent and Vivienne actually works for me. Nice.)
    Violet (too close to Vincent, but still nice)

    As someone mentioned, try finding full names you like which can use the more nickname-y names as nicknames. Vincent is quite strong and dignified, and the cutesy names as full names just have a completely different vibe and don't flow at all.

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    I think Eloise is perfect with Vincent! You can get nicknames from it, or leave it as is. I do like Vivenne as well, but think Eloise seems to fit the style you described best.

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    With Vincent (with is such a lovely name) I like Eleanor (with nickname Elsie), Evangeline and Adele (perhaps with the nickname Daisy? I think that could work because of the strong d-sound), with a slight preference to Evangeline because I love how classy it sounds with Vincent.

    Some suggestions:
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    So many good suggestions thank you everyone! So much inspiration to share with dad! I like that Eloise can be nicknamed Elsie or Lulu, and is lovely on it's own.

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