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    Little brother for Vincent - what do you think of my shortlist?

    Hey all,

    My second bub is coming soon (!!!) and we've decided not to find out the gender so we're trying to pick a boys name and a girls. We have been agonizing for months and are still miles away from a girl's name, but we have made a shortlist for a boy. I have one son, Vincent Nicholas, so the names must sound nice together.

    Please share your opinions and tell me what you think of our ideas!

    Milo (I ADORE it but would prefer it as a nn, what names could we shorten? Maybe Marlow instead?)
    Leo (once again would prefer it as a nn, not crazy about Leonard or Leopold, any other suggestions?)
    Simon (we're not Jewish, does this sound very Jewish?)
    Theodore (nn Theo)
    Cassius/Cassian (love once again, but worried it's too out there?)
    Sunny (again sounds quite nicknamey, what could we shorten?)

    Any other suggestions similar to our naming style?

    Thank you so much lovelies!!
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    Leonardo, Leonides, or even Lorenzo support the nn Leo. I like your name choices (except for Sunny). Also consider Titus, Claudius, Sidney, Enzo (for Lorenzo), and Eudo (an old Norse name I'm crushing on).

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    I know a Patrick, nicknamed Sunny, but I think any baby boy with a cheery personality could pull it off. Ooh, and I've loved Samson ever since I first heard the Regina Spektor song, and Sonny could conceivably be a nickname for that. Lorenzo, nicknamed Leo, would be just perfect with Vincent! Out of curiosity, does Vincent have a nickname? Sorry, I'm being nosey. Good luck!

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    I like the suggestion of Lorenzo nn Enzo or Leo!

    Vincent and Miles nn Milo sound great together as do Vincent & Theodore

    How about:


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    ciottolo - I adore Regina Spektor so that makes Samson just that much sweeter! and I can definitely see Sonny working as a nn for Samson too! Vincent doesn't really have a nickname, just baby names like bub, angel, sausage etc at this stage. Not a big fan of Vin or Vinny, but he sometimes gets Vince from family and friends which I don't mind.

    beau123 - Arlo is gorgeous! I don't have the same love for Miles as Milo, but I can definitely see it working as a nickname and solving the big problem

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