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    Tahlia - thoughts/feelings/reactions?

    With about a week left before I'm due, we are still trying to setlle on a name! We're pretty close to choosing Tahlia (Tahlia Reese) - pronounced TALL-ee-uh.

    But I'm so unfamiliar with the name (really haven't heard or seen it anywhere), so I have no frame of reference for it to know what kind of name it is...

    Is it strong? girly? out there? cool? trying to be cool? etc... We had been leaning towards far more traditional names (Olivia, but hated the popularity of it, love everything else about it) and more classic/vintage names (Mae, Elise, Lillian) Tahlia seems like a sharp left turn but we seem to love it!

    Curious what people's reactions/thoughts/feelings about the name are...

    Thanks for the help!

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    It's lovely mythological name. I would classified it as name you found in online games, modern, spunky, mysterious, mythical, fantasy and, above all, very beautiful name.
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    Hmm, I like it, but I think the Greek name Thalia (as far as I know, pronounced TAHL-ee-uh) has a less 'made-up' feel (even though I'm sure Tahlia isn't!) and a lovely heritage - she was the Greek muse of comedy, one of the three Graces, a Nereid (daughter of Nereus, a river god, I believe) and even a secondary goddess of vegetation - not bad, eh? I think Thalia Reese would be lovely as well. Good luck!

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    I love the simple beauty of Tahlia. I love the meanings (it can come from either the Greek mythological name Thalia, the Hebrew name Talia that means 'gentle dew from heaven' or from Natalia, born on Christmas day). I think the spelling also helps for people to pronounce it Tall-ee-uh instead of Tale-yuh.

    Thalia would have a lot of pronunciation problems. I first thought it was THAY-lee-uh, and the girl I know with the name says it Thaw-lee-yuh.
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