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    What about Katerina? It has the Teri and Ka(y) look and feel and is longer and feminine. It could work as a first or middle name. I've placed with the combo Cecily Katerina before, or your husband may like Charlotte Katerina. Juliet Katerina. Or the reverse: Katerina Cecily, Katerina Charlotte, Katerina Juliet. All of them sound so lovely (at least to my ear). I like Therese and Theresa as options too.
    I agree. I root for Cecily Katerina or Katerina Charlotte.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Katerina is lovely, and I would never have made that connection on my own. I like Therese as well: Cecily Therese, perhaps. Thanks again!

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    I would use Kay in the middle!

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    If you haven't already considered it, I'd make a list of things associated with your mom and see what you come up with. Favorite color, scent, animal, flower, birth month, birth stone, etc.
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