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    is Ace too masculine for a girl's name?

    I actually quite like this name for a girl and I think that it could be quite badass and cool however I am not sure whether it might be too much of a boy's name. It was inspired by the 7th doctor's companion in doctor who who was an awesome character.
    what are your opinions?

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    Personally I'm not a fan of Ace for a boy or girl. I would never use it as a first, but perhaps it could work as a spunky middle with a more feminine first name?
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    I don't really care for it on either gender. It's a bit nicknamey. I think of fast-talking newspaper reports from old screw ball comedies.
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    Yea its a bit too masculine for a girl. Ace is for me all boy

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    Yes. I don't like for either gender. Too nicknamey.
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