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    You can always go with her middle name Grace if you are unhappy with the name. I read many mean /negative things on this site about my daughters name, after a few weeks of it I wanted to change her name but I realized everyone has there opinion and some people are gonna like it and some are not.
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    What an awful thing to say! I think it's a lovely combination and it balances well with your surname in my opinion. Sawyer Grace is just the right amount of rambunctious while still being sweet and adorable. Congrats on your choice don't let anyone take away from your joy!
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    Your co-worker sounds like a bit of an asshole. Sorry for the language. I think Sawyer Grace, while not everyone's cup of tea, is a beautiful name! I actually prefer Sawyer for a girl. I think Sawyer Grace is very sweet! If it's what you love, use it.
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    Sounds a bit like, "Saw your way." Which yeah... sounds a little weird. But if you love it, go with it.
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    I am a fan of spunky, trendy names paired with classics like Grace. If you love it then use it. There's nothing wrong with it and I agree your coworker is a B.

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