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    I feel Lila - (Lie-luh) is more exotic and femine where as Layla - (lay-luh) is more cozy and pretty. I have to say I couldn't choose one over the other. These were both on my list for baby #4. Went with Elodie instead. Good luck.
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    Lila - leela
    Lyla - liela.
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    I think there is a designer called Lela Rose? And that is pronounced LEE-luh. If the pronunciation is what you want most, I think that's the best spelling option.

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    Lila = lie luh (if you've seen the show Will and Grace, Grace uses that spelling and name on her daughter)
    Leila = Lay-luh

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    I think Lila is usually pronounced Lye-la, at least in North America. However Lila, pronounced Lee-la, is the German word for purple so you're right as well.
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