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Thread: Greyson

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    I first heard this name many years ago. I originally saw it as Beau-Greyson, the son of country music singer, Tanya Tucker. I thought it was a great name back then. Now I don't think I could use it because of it's popularity! Too bad I was too young to have kids back then!

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    I love it! It was perfect for my little grey kitten, so I prob'ly won't use it otherwise.

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    I actually like it too, but I prefer the Grayson spelling.
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    I'm in the same boat! I found this name in a book when I was around ten or so and loved it! I especially liked the nickname Gray (with the Grayson spelling) Of course now it's gotten pretty popular, so I don't think I would use it. I do love Gray as a middle though!
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    I feel the same, it's a lovely name but really trendy. And these misspellings (Greison, Greysyn) make me cringe. I hope it won't get more popular than now at lest.
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