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    What has Nameberry done for you!? 1,2,3 GO!

    Title sums it all up!

    My answer: Nameberry has provided me with a site where I can discuss names, knowing I will get truthful opinions. It has given me a place to be open, seek advice and to be apart of peoples naming journeys. Plus I am totally addicted to berring. This site is definitely like a drug! I can not wait to conceive so I can actually start my own naming journey.
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    Well, same as you, Scarlet! Mostly, it's a great place for me to come while I'm TTC to discuss and vent. There's nobody in real life I could talk to this much about this stuff, so this site has become very important to me. Like you, I can't wait to begin my own naming journey on Nameberry!
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    Nameberry has provided me with an outlet for my love of names as well as offering a wonderful community of like minded individuals who are willing to offer up their own experiences an opinions. Now that my husband and I are so close to ttc it has become even more important to me as I love having people to bounce ideas and the various situations that come up when starting a family. I cannot wait to truly begin my naming journey like Scarlet and Sarah and I so much appreciate the feedback of this great naming center. You guys all rock !
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    I would like to thank Nameberry for...

    1) Assuring me that my taste in names is not as heinous as Yahoo Answers led me to believe.

    2) Giving me a place to obsessively discuss names with people who "get it."

    3) Exposing me to a myriad of new names and naming styles.

    4) Giving me confidence in my style and encouraging me to find meaningful names that I would actually bestow upon a human being.

    5) Sending me off the name nerd "deep end." I've had several people tell me that I know entirely too much about names now. Ha!

    And, hey, I've made a few friends along the way. It's been fun.
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    Nameberry has given me greater insight into the naming zeitgeist, and has helped me confront and overcome some of my own biases
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