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    Russian Lit student, bookworm, and arts geek.

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    Nathaniel Roscoe Wilde Grover Elijah St John Oscar Ignatius Cosmo Robin Hector BarnabyAxel Isidore Sage

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    Thanks for all the thoughts ladies!

    @dillonsfan01 - I really like Hattie and Betty (or Betsy) with the boys names, thanks!

    @fairchild - Oooh, I forgot about Clementine. Helen was on my list at one point but I like Helena too, and especially Nell.

    @mclola - I looove Winifred NN Winnie but worry it's too fussy! Mildred and Edith are GPs of mine, and I'm liking Estelle too. Thanks!

    @aj_bear - I think you really nailed my taste, actually. I love Leona, Estella, Flora, Amabel, Martha, and May. The names in your sig are to die for, btw... I love Flora Catherine and Araminta Jane, Edmund Atlas and Barnaby Oswald! Stunning.

    @bibliophile - I dig Rosalind, Miriam, Lyra (pron. LEE-rah) and Willa. Thanks!

    @handsallover - The only one really to my taste is Penelope and it's getting a bit popular, but those are all stunning names! Just a bit 'frillier' than my style Thank you anyway!
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    Florence Beatrix Vivian Helena Twila

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