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Thread: He came early!

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    Jun 2013
    I know a couple IRL whose babe was born a month early as well and weighed a very similar weight (8- something) It's not that hard to believe, as babies are born all the time weighing ten pounds - or more!

    For the record I like Bodhi! I also like James, Milo, Rafferty and Atticus. I don't like Archie, just for the fact that he does have red hair. Seems silly but I just picture Archie Andrews!

    What about Bodhi James? Or Atticus Fox!


    [formerly nj003]

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    A few suggestions:

    Callum- meaning- "dove" (no red meaning, but I know a red head with this name)
    Flynn- meaning "son of the red-haired one"
    McCoy- surname meaning "fire"
    Conley (con-lee)- surname meaning "fire" (could be too much ee sound with Posy)
    Tyson- meaning "firebrand"
    Flannery- meaning "red-haired" (also could be too much ee sound with Posy)
    Flanagan- meaning "red"
    Holden- meaning "hollow valley" (not a red name either, but Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye is a redhead.)

    Good luck! I like Archie and Milo from your list.
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    i believe rory has some redheaded connotation and you can always use rowan (means little redhead, tho yours isn't so little, lol.) my redhead daughter is called rowan...and it sounds great with fox!
    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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    So, no one likes Charlie, eh? I was kind of leaning towards that, at this second anyway. That and Fox and Huck, but there's that whole thing about not being a little kid forever. Drat.

    Good point about Archie, may not be the best idea for a red.

    Thanks to everyone so far!

    I like Sawyer, Leo, Thomas and Wilder a lot. Thanks!! Leo is a big LOVE.

    Posy and Leo? Hm!
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    I like Charlie, Leo, and Fox.

    For what it's worth, I was born a month early at almost 7 lbs and completely healthy...

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