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Thread: He came early!

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    I love James, Milo and Fox. I also think Daley, Max, Kellan, Collin, Cal and Ronan sound like cute redheads.

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    Really? I'm sorry you have a hard time believing my "story" ? I find that very strange, but ok. *shrug*

    Just fyi: we haven't had an ultrasound since our 20 week (which, if I remember right, was actually done around 19 weeks this time around) since there was no need and our OB doesn't do ultrasounds for no reason, and he was measuring about 3 days ahead then. My due date was August 20th. Technically, he was just under a month early. The birthing OB said "yea I think this one may be about the same size" after I told him how big Posy was and he did the oh-so-scientific measuring tape measurement on my belly. It hasn't been a big deal here at the hospital at all. The nurses are actually joking about "the 8 pound preemie" Anyway, yea, I'm not going to defend myself to make you believe my "story" - I find that a little ridiculous.

    Thank you for the suggestion of Reid/Reed. I'm not a fan. I see Owen is on your faves list, I love that one too. Wish we could use it.
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    Thanks, Dizzy! I like Colin, Cal and Max too! We can't use Max, but I do love it! I'm going to talk with my partner and see what he has to say about adding Cal to the mix.

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    I love Milo! I think Milo and Posy are adorable together.
    some suggestions:

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    Couldn't the baby simply have been born a month early, scarletrune, if you find it impossible to believe that a due date could have been a month off? Babies generally gain 1/2 lb per week during the last month of pregnancy, and a 10 lb baby is certainly not unusual.
    I'm also a bit confused about what bearing it has on the OP's question.

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