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    I really like Gwenllian, Hespera and Pandora. You list is amazing.

    Gwenllian Daphne Giselle
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Noor

    Hespera Clemency Loveday
    Hespera Iris Zephyrine

    Pandora Circe Yvaine
    Pandora Selene Hecate
    ● Olympia ● Literature Student

    Constance AmySibyl HelenaTabithaEmmeline Twila Liv
    Atlas Rupert Otis Grover Casimir Nathaniel Ignatius Robin

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    Woah. So, your post is now the reason why I am heading to add Hespera to my list. NB should hire you to do those descriptive imageries for all of the names! A little selfishly suggested, because I would love to read it - it's like poetry.

    I love the suggestion of Hespera Ophelia Niamh. (And, yes, Niamh always makes names better.)

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    I adore the imagery you create for names. Apaolutly beautiful. Based on imagery alone my favorite names are Hespera, Pandora and Tunuviel.

    Of your combos I like
    Hespera Cissea Elbereth but it might be too lispy? (I'm not sure if I saying Cissea correctly)

    Morgana Eos Villanelle is beautiful,

    Pandora Ophelia Elbereth

    Tinuviel Circe Aurora

    A few suggestions:

    Gwenllian Iris Loveday

    Gwenllian Isis Elaine

    Hespera Olwen Noor

    Hespera Eos Yvaine

    Hespera Aradia Isis

    Hespera Bellicent Niamh

    Morgana Io Zephyrine

    Morgana Belphoebe Louise

    Pandora Eowen Berenice

    Pandora Daphne Lyonesse

    Pandora Circe Giselle

    I don't see names like you do, so not sure if the imagery matches within the name.

    Looking forward to discovering what you decide.
    All the best.

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