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    What about Jordell? It is an English form of Jordan. It has the 'Jo' of John and the 'el' of Melvin.
    Or Joel... Honestly I think anything we come up with is going to be a huge stretch and not feel like an honor name for John and Melvin. Unless you want to make something up like Meljohn or Johnvin, I would just name him John Melvin and call him by a nickname...

    ETA: Or a variant of John with Melvin as a middle name. Actually, Evan could honor both. It's a variant of John and has the van/vin syllable.
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    My first thought was Vince - Melvin and Lawrence.

    There's also Jomel - I've seen this as one of Jamal's many spelling variations. It's got the Jo- from John and Mel from Melvin.

    I like the suggestion of Evan, I think it honours both in a way that isn't too much of a stretch and also doesn't look made up.

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    Thank you all so much!!! These are seriously great ideas that I never would have thought of! I truly appreciate it.

    We haven't decided on a first name yet, but we are leaning towards Colin. It's kind of a problem, I think, since all of our boy names we like end in "N," and a lot of the names to choose from also end in "N" or have the "IN" sound.

    This is giving me a lot to think about, though, and I am hoping that we can come up with the right one!

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    I hope this helped! I know they might be a stretch.
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