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    Bennett and Elliot

    So, my husband and I talked names, and he decided he wants to go with Elliot (The name we had picked out if my daughter had been a boy). Does the "T" ending of both names bother you? We are considering:

    Elliot Walter
    Elliot Spencer
    Walter Elliot

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    I would avoid a name ending in T if you already have a child with a first name ending in T.
    It would be way too matchy for my taste.
    I love the name Bennett.

    if you like Elliot:
    Walter, Spencer are fine with Bennett, but I wouldn't settle for just fine.
    Do not use a name unless you absolutely both love it.
    Spencer Elliot flows well.

    Bennett and ___ ( middles spencer, Elliot, or Walter)

    Geoffrey Spencer, Geoffrey Walter, and Geoffrey Elliot all work me at least

    Nathaniel Spencer and Nathaniel Walter are also options

    Landon Elliot, Greyson Elliot, and Tobin Elliot

    Channing Elliot or Vincent Walter

    You may also like: ( if you like elliot, Walter, and Spencer )

    Wyatt( in the middle )

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    I do not think it is an issue having siblings named Bennett and Elliot. They are actually very nice together. I think people on naming boards can get too overly concerned about matching. My family (while I was growing up) had 3 out of 4 with the same ending letter. No one ever made any statements about it. I think most people never even noticed. Now if you were asking about Bennett and Beckett I would feel that is a bit too matchy. I prefer Elliot Spencer from your combos.

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    It's a bit matchy, but it doesn't bother me so much when the names are different syllables. Clearly something like Bennett and Emmett would be a different story.

    Sometimes I wonder though, what exactly is the reasoning behind the whole trend against similar endings? is it just for variety?? My son's name ends in -n, so it could be very limiting if I went along with that. I personally do not see anything wrong with (hypothetical) brothers Owen and Sebastian, for example... but now I'm on a tangent about myself.

    Of your combos, I like Elliot Spencer and Walter Elliot best.
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    It is a bit too matchy for me... which is funny, as both of my boy name options end in 'n' and most of the girls end with an 'a'... So although it's matchy, if you love it, don't let it stop you. I don't think most people would notice or care.
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