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    I love the name Maple btw and just out of interest what nicknames do you give her?
    I like Flora, Daphne and Pearl. Other ideas are: Clementine, Persephone and Epiphanie.

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    I think Jasmine is perfectly fine to use still, though I guess it depends how popular it got in your area growing up. For me, I've only ever known three, so I don't see it as being dated the way that someone that always had a Jasmine or two in every class, after school club and sports team they were on might do.

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    I love Jasmine -very pretty and exotic!

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    I'm interested to see what you chose!!!
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    I know this is an old thread, but I think Maple and Jasmine would be great sisters. Would you feel it locked you into word-ish names? I could see Maple, Jasmine and Pearl as sisters. Maple and Flora would be quirky and darling.

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