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    It's kind of Disney princess-y right now, but I think it's gorgeous, and will eventually be seen as classic. I love Persian names.

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    I always think of Jasmine rice when I hear it (which is delicious!) but I also think Jasmine sounds almost too exotic next to Maple. From your list I think Hazel, Florence, or Pearl are my favorite and go best with Maple.
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    It's easier for me to see a girl and a woman wearing Iris, Lucy, Cecily, Penelope, Daphne, and Jasmine better than Hazel, Daisy, Florence/Flora, Clover, and Pearl.

    To me, Jasmine is quite dated, but it is such a pretty name that its "dated" feel is not as negative to me as it is for other names, like Heather.
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    What about Jessamine? Or Jasleen?
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    I second the suggest of Jessamine it's an earlier spelling of Jasmine that feels a bit fresher and I think it works better with Maple. I feel Jessamine has all the positive aspects of Jasmine without the somewhat dated feel and it is such a lovely name!
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