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    I love the name but yeah, the association to Marie Antoinette is very strong.
    If you're really passionate about it, then go for it. It's beautiful and even though there is that association, people will eventually get over it
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    I really like Antoinette! It's actually my friend's middle name.
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    It's my middle name and the Marie Antoinette association has never been an issue. I'm not terribly fond of it but I think that's mostly because my parents never used it and since it's a bit over the top formal I don't feel comfortable with it.
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    I think it would work as a middle name to balance out a stronger or one syllable first name. Another name to consider if you don't want the association to Marie Antoinette is Antonia.

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    It's OK but I much prefer Antonia. The "twa" syllable somehow sort of bothers me.

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