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Thread: Francina

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    WDYT? I think it's a stylish name. For some reason it has the same feel as the lovely Valentina. When I was in college I met a Francina and she was gorgeous. Her name is Francina Michelle. Just would like to know what you berries think of the name. I don't see it around very often.
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    I am not sure whether to go with fran-SEE-nuh or frahn-SEE-nuh pronunciationwise, but I think I do slightly prefer it to Francine. It sounds very French chic (or maybe French chic's slightly racier Spanish cousin, with that extra little 'uh') - is it just me that's finding it really fun to say? Francina Helene would be lovely paired together - good luck!

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    Oh, I love it! Francina does sound beautiful. I do like Francine, Francie and Frances too. Some of my favorites and I love french names a lot.

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    Yes, Francina is a lovely name! It has a very cultural and ethnic sound, which makes it absolutely gorgeous.

    I much prefer it with the "e" ending for a more french background. Plus the beautiful french Francine has a very special meaning to my family's history.
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    I prefer Francine, and ADORE the nickname Frankie.

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