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    I do like Ezra but my husband doesn't like it and says he thinks it sounds kinda feminine probably in his head it's because of the a ending. He feels the same way about Luca

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    Graham or Miles would be perfect. I especially love Graham with Holden and Sawyer.
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    Atticus--literary great, but overused perhaps
    Elias--Love it
    Finn--Love it more
    Graham--family name, I can't be objective on this one
    Julian--nice, but the kid might get beat up
    Jasper--this name always irks me for no logical reason
    Kieran--Love it best
    Leo--strong, but perhaps overly popular
    Miles--I prefer Milo
    Milo--very sweet on a boy...can't quite visualize it on a man
    Noel--love it for Christmas babies
    Rhys--excellent name

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    Atticus and Finn are nice. I also really like Graham.

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