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Thread: Friends babies

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    Friends babies

    Family friends welcomed Holly Marie on Thursday 11th July at 7.53pm and was 9lb 7oz. She is the little sister of Ruaraidh.

    My sisters friend also welcomed a baby but three days earlier on the 8th of July, born at 11.23am, he doesn't have a name at the moment but hopefully will soon. He is the first child for both parents.

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    Interesting. Holly strikes me as very different style of name than Ruaraidh.
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    I agree with you paw, I didn't expect Holly after they used Ruaraidh.

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    Congratulations to you friends! Holly is beautiful. Marie is not my favorite but flows with Holly well.
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    Ruaraidh pronounced Rory, right? I don't know, I think Ruaraidh (Rory) and Holly sound like quite similar styles. Congratulations to them anyway!

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