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    Bay is the name of a female character on a teen show on the ABC Family Channel called Switched At Birth. me, it's been done before - but I definitely think pink when I hear it.

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    To me it's a definite unisex name, like Gray, Frost, Lake, etc. I think it's great, but I can't see it as a first name on either a boy or girl. I love it as a middle though!
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    I think it's very pretty and serene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    Feels nickname-y to me.

    I think 'bay laurel' which feels feminine because I think of Laurel/Daphne as incredibly girly, bay coloured horses which feels gender-neutral but maybe slightly male, like Roan, and bay like a harbour and that is gender neutral but unappealing for both genders.

    Bayla/Baila (first syllable like Bay) is a family name for me, I considered Bay as a variant, but I really prefer Belle or Blythe for single-syllable B names, honestly. I do prefer Bay to Bayley - but I really hate Bayley, so big deal, right?
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    I know a little Bay (girl) but have always thought it would be better in the middle, just because I love long names with plenty of nickname potential. Also, I think of animals baying in their stalls, which may be a little strange of me... (I'm now having that feeling where I'm not sure if I've made a word up or not?) Blythe, as a previous poster mentioned, would be a lovely alternative - Blythe Ophelia being the combination I've always envisioned, but that's just me. Good luck!

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