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    Talk to me about Bay (on a girl)

    What do you think? It's quickly becoming one of my favourites. I've been using it in the middle for a while, but recently I've been thinking about it as a first name. It's just so pretty and nature-y. It's sweet and simple, like May, but more earthy... and just as youthful as Bea but more of a name in it's own right.

    I always assumed it was predominantly female until I looked it up on Nameberry - it's not even listed as unisex (neither is Indigo/Willow/Cricket/Lark etc. which bothers me a bit, since Nameberry as a whole is pro-'unisex', surely very neutral sounding word names should be listed as both male and female).
    Am I the only one? Is it really seen as a male name? It doesn't particularly bother me if it is, I'm just wondering about it's general perception. Also, do you prefer it as a male or female name? Again, just after a few opinions.

    How would you feel if you met a little Bay? Or a woman named Bay, as a matter of fact?
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    I like Bay a lot. It's interesting and naturey without being too ridiculously out there or over the top. I can easily see it on a little girl or a professional woman.

    I definitely prefer it for a girl over a boy. Though the nature aspect of it reads unisex the sound of the name itself strikes me as feminine.

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    I think it is cute and definitely a girl's name! It seems a little incomplete to me though, what about Beya? Similar sound, but I think the 2 syllables makes it a little more complete!

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    It reminds me of a nickname for Bailey, and I have even seen Beyonce with the nickname Bey (same sound). Definitely feels more nicknamey to me, but I still think it could work for a girl.
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    Feels nickname-y to me.

    I think 'bay laurel' which feels feminine because I think of Laurel/Daphne as incredibly girly, bay coloured horses which feels gender-neutral but maybe slightly male, like Roan, and bay like a harbour and that is gender neutral but unappealing for both genders.

    Bayla/Baila (first syllable like Bay) is a family name for me, I considered Bay as a variant, but I really prefer Belle or Blythe for single-syllable B names, honestly. I do prefer Bay to Bayley - but I really hate Bayley, so big deal, right?

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