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    I never knew Cohen could come across as offensive to some on religious grounds. I don't think I have ever met a Jewish person in my life, I live in a small village will about five hundred people and the majority of them are either Christian, Catholic or non-religious. I do however know a boy called Cohen who lives in the next village to mine and he doesn't seem to have any trouble with his name.

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    Oh, come on ! i never found Cohen offensive . I actually know a Cohen who love his name and i dont think anyone find his name offensive .If you love it .use it ,your son will be propably love his name as well .Iam Christian and when i came accross a man named Jesus i dont find it offencive at all.There are kids named Messiah (which is more offencive in my opinion ) so the name Cohen isnt the worst .
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    Since people are getting so offended by this, can I perhaps recommend a change in spelling to Coen.
    The name is beautiful and I understand why you wou;d want to use it.
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    Just be prepared for people to assume your child is Jewish in various contexts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I really wouldn't recommend putting Cohen and Berkheimer together. Cohen is a sacred Jewish title and Berkheimer is almost comically German. I would definitely raise an eyebrow.
    This. Please consider that even if it doesn't bother you, your son may not appreciate having a name that is offensive to many.
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