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    Smile help with boy names.....shortlist of 4!!!???

    hi everyone,
    we haven't found out the gender of our soon to be baby, so trying to decide on a name is hard work, we've agreed on a girls name.....(jury is still out on a middle name), but still cant decide on a boys name??

    so far our 4 shortlisted names are:

    Donovan (changed the name to the correct spelling....was half asleep)

    what are your thoughts on these names? which do you like the best/least?

    your thoughts/opinions would be OH is useless!!

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    Noah - I like this one the best, but its very popular which may or may not bother you
    Donavon - I would spell this as Donovan because that is the more standard spelling or else he will get it misspelled all the time. NMS
    Jefferson - I like this one, nice choice if you want something less popular
    Sonny - too nicknamey, can't see this on an adult.

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    The one I really love from your list is Noah. Handsome and clever on a boy. The others are nms to me, sorry.

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    Noah - I love this name! It is popular but deservedly so.
    Donavon - I love the name but spelling it Donovan will help prevent confusion.
    Sonny - Only as a nickname for something
    Jefferson - Jefferson (nn Sonny) let's you have two for the price of one and Jefferson is very cool.

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    Noah is the only one I like.

    Donovon is spelled oddly. Should be Donovan?? Otherwise looks like don oh Vaughn

    Sonny. No way. Very feminine, IMO , Sunday: cute girls name. Sonny: not. A. Fan.

    Jefferson- cute but he will always get Jeff I think. If you don't like that then use something else

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