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    Ooh la la.

    Casimir Antony Herne is heavenly. And I wasn't even rooting for Casimir.
    That and your Mio combination take the cake.

    Romulus is winning me over, despite all this talk of whiskey-drinking, tobacco-chewing leather-tanners...
    Romulus Peter Gawain would be quite ruggedly handsome. Or Romulus Peter Ranulph!! Though R-heavy, I like that the wolfishness is carried through the whole name (Romulus having been suckled by a wolf, then Peter and the Wolf, and Ranulph meaning "wolf-counsel" I believe)
    Wolfie would be a nice nick. Makes me think of "Amadeus"

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    I'm torn between Casimir Antony Herne and Orpheus Brage Lorien, they're both an incredibly handsome bunch of names. I can't choose between them, I've tried but I simply can't. With Aphrodite, I like the matching ph-sounds in Aphrodite and Orpheus, but I think that the sound of Aphrodite and Casimir is absolutely wonderful.

    Casimir Peter Gawain
    Casimir Isidore Rainier
    Endymion Faramir Ivo
    Endymion Vasiliy Herne
    Oberon Earendil Gawain
    Oberon Calidore Zephyr
    Orpheus Gawain Peter
    Orpheus Ranulph Earendil
    Romulus Balder Lorien
    Romulus Antony Brage
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    Once again, beautiful imagery. And also, sorry this is going to be terribly long. I have the hardest time not making tons of combos for you. (Edit -- It was late and I got tired or they probably would have been much longer :P )
    I’ve decided I like Orpheus best with Aphrodite and for you in general. As with the girls, one name per post.
    For Casimir, I get more of an open, bare fields. But I still get adventurer, traveler, cloak in the wind, wrapped around his face for the dust of his horse. Leather, sea salt, those are the smells I have. You’re making me love this name and I used to so dislike it. Casimir Antony Herne is great. BTW, I’m sending you a message with a song by SJ Tucker that for some reason has a Casimir feel to me.

    Casimir Damon Calidore
    Casimir Darius Calidore
    Casimir Darius Herne
    Casimir Antony Calidore
    Casimir Damon Antony
    Casimir Darius Antony
    Casimir Antony Gawain
    Casimir Odin Antony
    Casimir Antony Ranulph
    Casimir Antony Thor
    Casimir Ivo Wayland
    Casimir Wayland Zephyr
    Casimir Pelleas Orion
    Casimir Aries Osiris (I know it’s not on your list, but it came into my head)
    Casimir Aries Herne
    Casimir Sigurd Valemon
    Casimir Wayland Thor
    Casimir Darius Thorn (Again, Thorn, it’s not on your list but I mistyped Thor and like it)
    Casimir Pelleas Ranulph
    Casimir Zephyr Ranulph
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    Endymion is my second favorite with Aphrodite. The sounds go so well together. I actually get water with Endymion. It’s still winter and cold, but the lake isn’t frozen in my picture. Instead, he’s in a little boat out there stretched out watching the snow fall, maybe ice fishing with his cabin all lit up with lamp light on the shore. So, close to yours. ^_^ Your combo is lovely and perfect.

    Endymion Cecil Balder
    Endymion Bragi Winterson
    Endymion Cecil Brage
    Endymion Cecil Gawain
    Endymion Boreas Oliver
    Endymion Oliver Orion
    Endymion Robin Orion (I know they all end in N but I think they sound good)
    Endymion Rainier Orion
    Endymion Peter Valemon
    Endymion Lucius Valemon
    Endymion Lucius Herne
    Endymion Isidore Brage
    Endymion Lucius Brage
    Endymion Lucius Orion
    Endymion Lucius Winterson
    Endymion Lorien Rainier
    Endymion Lorien Winterson
    Endymion Hector Orion
    Endymion Lucius Vasiliy
    Endymion Lucius Frost (feels right to me to add Frost :P ) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I really don’t have much to add about Oberon. He’s dancing and joy and music. He’s drumming and flutes and bells. I also see twisting and turning and laughing and bonfires. ^_^

    Oberon Wayland Arcas
    Oberon Arcas Gawain
    Oberon Ivo Earendil
    Oberon Peter Loxias
    Oberon Zephyr Hylas
    Oberon Isidore Herne
    Oberon Lorien Mist (I hope you don’t find this girly (cause it’s not to me), but it’s so twilight forest to me)
    Oberon Hylas Gawain
    Oberon Peter Lycius
    Oberon Sigurd Vasiliy
    Oberon Rainier Vasiliy
    Oberon Darius Vasiliy
    Oberon Earnendil Orion
    Oberon Zephyrus Vale (Felt the need to add the –us and Vale is nature)
    Oberon Aries Valemon -- My Amazon Author Page

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