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    unique middle name for Penelope?

    hi there,
    so my husband and i are ready to try for our second child, so of course i'm planning the name! we have a daughter names Isabel Honey...the name has such meaning to us, it seems hard to find another name to go with! if we have another girl I think we are set on the name Penelope, nickname Nel or Nellie, however I need a middle name that works as a sister name to Isabel Honey. So far we have these middles that have meaning, but am looking for other ideas too:

    Thoughts on any of these with Penelope? Other ideas for unique middle names? Other ideas for first names/middle combos that would work well as a sister name? Thank so much!!!
    mommy to Isabel Honey

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    Out of your middle name choices, I think Sugar goes the best with Honey, but I'm not sure if Penelope Sugar flows that well. When I first read Isabel Honey, I thought of Penelope Bloom or Penelope Blossom.

    I also recommend you look through britishbabynames's Whimsical Word-Names list for some more ideas:

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you! I will definitely check out the link...Sugar does have meaning to us (Sugar, Sugar) was our first song! So, I do like it but agree its not the best with Penelope...
    mommy to Isabel Honey

    girls: penelope, olivia, maisie, charlotte, violet, lucy, ivy
    boys: finn, archer, crew, jack, owen, liam, maximus

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    From your options I really like Penelope June and Penelope Mae but I don't think they go well with Isabel Honey (btw her is gorgeous !).
    I love the previous suggestion of Penelope Bloom!

    Other options :
    Penelope Wren
    Penelope Lark
    Penelope Snow
    Penelope Soul
    Penelope Olive
    Penelope Divine
    Penelope Meadow
    Penelope Sweet
    Penelope Lovely

    Good luck!
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