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    Middle Name for Shepherd

    Ok, I think we are set on Shepherd for our baby due in Dec. DH really wants to use a name honoring his grandfather which leaves us with Eugene or Kyle. I am not wild about either choice, but DD has my grandmother's middle name so fair is fair. Help me figure out the best combo here. I feel like Eugene is more classic and, who knows?, might be cool again in a few years, but I just don't really like it. Kyle is more unobjectionable, but does it seem trendy and boring?

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    This tough, To me when i say Shepherd Eugene its a rough transition. Because the ERD part in Shepherd smashes into the U sound of Eugene in my opinion. I guess I don't like how my mouth feels when i say it. When I say Shepherd Kyle it flows. Plus even though Eugene is a middle and rarely said I picture a nerdy boy or the movie Greese which there was a character named Eugene who was picked on. I hear Kyle and it has a cool laid back feel like Shepherd. So I do not think Kyle is boring at all I like it and shepherd Kyle has my vote based on flow and vibe. Just my opinion! And the picture I get when I hear the names. Hope you aren't offended by my description of the name Eugene!
    Good luck!
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    I bet your husband appreciates that your son will carry forth a name as your daughter does.

    The only problem is that neither Eugene nor Kyle seem "just right" with Shepherd to me. I don't think it does Shepherd justice.

    What about a combination of the two: Kyle+Eugene= Keane

    Shepherd Keane sounds much nicer to me.

    Whatever you may choose, congratulations!

    I'm wishing you all the best.

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    Thank you! No, not offended, I agree that Eugene has a totally nerdy feel and now I hear all the T-Birds on Grease saying "Eu-geeeen" in that nasally voice. I was really just trying to be open-minded about it that maybe it has a cool grandpa feel that I'm not appreciating. I think Kyle goes a lot better, flow-wise, too. I really wanted Benjamin Shepherd, after DH, but I understand why he wants to honor grandpa. Sigh.

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    This seems like an appropriate reason to make up a name...Shepherd Kylen? Or go with a name that has a similar feel...Eudo is an old Norse name that combines elements of Eugene, history, and it sounds cool.

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