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    Opinions on Amber

    I really, really love Amber, which is wierd because the three Ambers I think of are my friends sister Amber who's bitchy, quite gothic and rude, Amber who was on the TV show Tracy Beaker who was also mean, rude and a law breaking rock chick and then Amber from the TV show Some Girls and she was the 'stupid one'. Even though none of these are ideal, I still absolutely adore the name!
    What do you think?
    Any suggestions for middles for Amber would be greatly appreciated!
    Ellie xx

    Edit: What do you think of Amber Felicity?
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    That's funny, the first personality you described is the personality of the one Amber I know as well! Anyway, I find the name a bit dated and a little boring; Ember is more refreshing, imho.

    Are you looking for something more classic and feminine to pair with Amber?

    Amber Vivienne
    Amber Odessa
    Amber Isadora
    Amber Charlotte
    Amber Faye
    Amber Elizabeth
    Amber Caroline
    Amber Elise
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    Amber is very dated to the 80s IMO.

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    Amber is fine but I don't love it. It's not horrible.

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