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    Honoring a passed family member.

    Hi Berries!
    My boyfriend and I have our boys names all picked out but recently my boyfriend asked if we could use the name Timothy in a combo or as a first name to honor his step father who passed away. Timothy is not my style and I grew up with a Timothy who I still talk to so that is what comes to mind. That being said I would love to honor his step father but would need to approach it in a different way.

    I was wondering what are some great variations of Timothy? One I came across was Timo. But would love more options! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oh, I love Timothy. I think it's a solid choice, especially good in the middle.

    From your other thread, I think Roman Timothy is very handsome. It could also work as a second middle--Roman Ignatius Timothy, or Roman Xavier Timothy.

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    My problem is I can't get the picture of my friend out of my mind and his personality type. I have known him since I was in 4th grade so that is what comes to mind with Timothy. If he wasn't someone I knew with that name it would be game on to use it but I can't because of the image and I don't smile or get giddy when I hear it. Plus I never met my boyfriends step father so I can't even get that image in my mind over my friend :/

    I completely agree it is solid and strong. But my friend is ruining it! Haha
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    Most variations of Timothy don't really work well in English :/ Timo is lovely, but you may need to go about this in a different way...

    Say his step dad is called Timothy James Jackson. There are several ways you could honour that other than just Timothy. You could use James, Jacob, Seamus, Jakub, Jago, Jack and Jackson. Or Thomas John, Theo Jasper, Titus Justin etc- anything with his initials. Any names related to his occupation or where he lived? A particular book or film he liked?

    If you want to stretch it a bit, you could just go with anything else biblical. And I believe the biblical Timothy is associated with Paul? That's another option. Or other bible books- Luke, Samuel, Daniel etc. There's lots of different ways to honour relatives than just using their first name

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    What about using Tim as a second middle name?

    What other names or combinations are you working with? I agree with pp that Roman Xavier Timothy sounds well.

    What was his step-dad's middle and last name?

    Honestly, this sounds like a very sincere and kind thought and it doesn't sound like he's asking you to put it in the 1st spot. So if I were you, I'd do everything in my power t o make it work.
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