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    I really like it! It's actually hovering around #4 on my girls' list--I just haven't found a middle I love with it yet. If hubby has his way, it'll be #3. I used to only think of the American Girl doll and thought it suited a girl but not a woman. But in the show "Arrow" there's an awesome character named Felicity and she made me love the name. =)

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    My daughter's name is Felicity! I very much love her name and it still sounds wonderful the four hundredth time you say it in one day. I should know. My Felicity just turned one and she is spunky and mischievous to the max. Her brother likes calling her Sissity. When she is in trouble we call her Flissy. One thing to watch out for is a significant amount of people will hear her name and ask you what you will call her. I used to explain that we call her Felicity and get a lot of blank stares but now I just say Lissy. I figure that she will pick her own nn once she gets older.
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    I love it! Beautiful name!

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