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Thread: Flora or Fiona?

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    Nov 2012
    Fiona never did much for me - Flora, however, I absolutely ADORE!

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    May 2012
    I like them both a lot actually. I would personally be more likely to use Fiona--I think it's fun and spunky.
    But I'd love to meet a Flora, it's vintage and lovely.

    I guess my vote goes to Fiona, but if your style is more vintage then I'd keep Flora.
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    I love Fiona but suddenly it seems to be exploding in popularity. So if you love them equally and care about popularity, I would say keep Flora. Although I love the suggestion of Fiora!
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    Jun 2013
    Love Flora and also love the suggestion of Fiora :-)

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    I really like both! Fiona is more likely for me to use, but I think I'd be happier to meet a little Flora than a little Fiona to be honest

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