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    Which name combo do you prefer? Honest opinions, please :)

    I have three months left of my pregnancy, and so far I have a small list of names that I absolutely adore! I need some help choosing between them:
    *edit: sorry, i meant middle names for Sage, not nicnames :/
    Agnes Celeste - Agnes is the name of my great grandmother and Celeste is a family name, so I thought I'd put teh two together and they go really well together.
    Agatha Sage - Sage has always been one of my favourite names, it's been at the top of my list since I was a little girl.
    Harlon Rose - Harlon is the name of a family friend that my grandaddy fought with in the war. He's a hero of mine, but I don't know if the name fits a girl? What do you think? And Rose is the name of my godmother.
    Celia Delphine - I love the idea of giving ferret a sweet, angelic name, and Celia fits perfectly. Delphine is rarely used these days, and I like the idea of it.
    Winry Evangeline - Winry is another of those names that I've loved since I was a child. I used to play with a little girl called Winry, Winnie for short, though I don't think it really needs a nickname

    So what do you think? Also, can you think of any nicknames for Sage?
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    I really like Agnes! It's very classic and has a beautiful sound, plus it really deserves to make a come back along with its sibling names Mabel and Edith. I think it's an awesome custom to name children after relatives (I'm named for my great-grandmother). I'd love to meet some little Agnes's! And Celeste has a lovely musical flow to it, so it compliments Agnes perfectly! I also like Agatha Sage and Celia Delphine. Nickname for Sage...well since it's so short, I think sounds nice just as Sage.

    Hope this helps you out!

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    I like Winry Evangeline a lot, but I'd like to know more about the name first -- I can't find the meaning or origin anywhere.
    maybe Evengeline Winry, which I think I like better. Why do names as short as Winry and Sage need nicknames? That's seems a little excessive to me.
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    Thanks for your opinion I love the name Agatha, but I wasn't sure if it was too old or not? And I meant middle names, not nicknames for Sage, sorry x

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