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    Congrats to you and your family on the safe arrival of your little girl, Mayna Tahirih Rose. May she grow up to be a strong, independent woman and make her namesake proud!
    All the best,

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    Javad, I got goosebumps reading about the deeply intense cultural and spiritual significance of these names to you and your family! I am absolutely thrilled for you all! Congratulations!!!
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    Ahh a girl after all that! Many congratulations!!!
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    Congratulations! Her name is beautiful, and I absolutely love all of the cultural, spiritual, and family significance you managed to pack into her name. That's naming at its finest. Glad to hear that both Lily and Mayna are doing well. Congratulations again!
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    Aw, Javad, many congratulations to you, Lily, and big brother Rayhan! I've been checking the announcements every day with great anticipation. I want you to know I enjoyed the boy's name journey immensely, coming away with a few new favorites and a better understanding of other cultures, but I am so happy for you that you got your little girl. Thank you for the explanation of the name Mayna--I love how the two characters in her name combine the significance of your heritages.

    Enjoy your sweet baby, and I hope to continue to see you occasionally around the forums. It's been a pleasure.
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