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    Please delete.

    Please delete.
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    Middle name ideas-
    Malee (Marie and Lee)
    Macy (Marie and Tracey)
    Lyndon (Lynn and Donna)
    Brenna (Brenda and Donna)

    I love all your names especially Elsie, Hazel and Cora

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    Illinois, USA
    I personally am a big fan of the combo Hazel Dorothy.

    Drawing from some of janneb's middle name suggestions, I also think Cora Lyndon (definitely a southern vibe) and Audrey Brenna would be nice.

    Expecting #1 in June!

    Boy: Quentin Charles or Reid ??
    Girl: Catherine Violet or ??
    Beta fish: Blodwyn

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    With regard to Marie, you could use any variation of Mary if you like (Maria, Marian, etc). What's your surname's first initial and how many syllables does it have? You may look at the links on my signature to judge your baby's name.
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    I like Elise Brenna!
    My name is Erin. I am 22 years old and I have loved baby names since I was 10.

    Girl names: Juliet Grace, Madeline Hope, Stella Bridget, Emilia Ruby, Clara ?, Fiona Lily, Bridget Amelia, Lydia Charlotte, Eliza Phoebe, Tabitha ?

    Boy names: Jonathan Rhys, Roman Isaiah, Joel ?, Liam Anthony, Dawson Cole, Leeland Gabriel, Greyson Jeremiah, Wesley ?, Quinn ?, Griffin Miles,

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