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    Rosalie Briseis.
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    I love Rosalie Euphemia, so many syllables but why hold back! For some reason Artemisia is a bit too much for me, but maybe
    Rosalie Artemis?
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    I love Rosalie Athena, Rosalie Briseis and Roslaie Artemisia.

    A word from someone who gave her daughter the name of a Goddess: I've only gotten nice feedback on the name, from family and random strangers. I was out with Dita the other day and I called her Aphrodite, and two separate people turned around and gushed over her name. And this was not in the occult supply shop, I was on King's Road .
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    Thanks for your replies =D

    I think Artemisia and Athena are my favorites. SO said no to Briseis (blah him). I do like Euphemia as well, but I just really like the namesakes of Artemisia and Athena!

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    Well, simply based on my personal style, I would go with Rosalie Pearl. However, I think that the middle name is a perfect way to be daring.

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