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    Matilda violet! So pretty I also like:
    Matilda Bay, laurel, Ivy, and Rosalind. Good luck!

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    Matilda Rosalie is perfection! Matilda Violet is lovely too and i think Matilda Primrose, Matilda Iris and Matilda Delphine have the old world charm you're after. Matilda Poppy would be sweet.
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    Matilda is my favourites girls name at the moment! I really like the suggestion of Matilda Fern though Matilda Rosalie is lovely too.

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    I like Matilda Fern and Matilda Fleur a lot! I don't particularly like Rosalie that much. Here are a few others I like:

    Matilda Azalea
    Matilda Marguerite (the French form of Daisy)
    Matilda Lavender
    Matilda Juniper
    Matilda Myrtle
    Matilda Rosemary

    Hope this helps you out!

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    Matilda Violet would get my vote, although something about Matilda Bluebell is rather endearing.
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