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    Does Meaning Matter?

    For a long time I have really liked the name Mallory. I think it is cute, elegant and I love the potential nickname of "Mal". However, the meaning of Mallory (unlucky) turns me off the name. So I was wondering if the meaning of a name affects what you think of it? Also, would pick a name for your child that you really liked, regardless of it's meaning?
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    I do take the meaning into consideration. For example: I really like the name Lilith, but the meaning "ghost; night monster" is a little too much for me.
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    Unfortunately, I do look at meaning. And it is so annoying, because really it doesn't matter. But I want my child to have a nice meaning for their name. I guess it would depend on how much I loved the name.

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    It's a little unfortunate that Mallory means unlucky. But I know a few Mallorys who seem fine with their names. I'm not sure if they know the meaning or not, but I'm sure they got over it. Honestly, it's a little funny that it means unlucky. I think if you look at it with a laugh, what's the big deal?

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    I don't really look to into meaning. I know several Mallory/Mallorie's and they all have been nice girls. Most "normal" people don't even care about what the name means and probably wouldn't bother to look it up.

    If anything, it does sound a little dated

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