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    A brother for…

    I'm almost 100% set on using Henry John (nn Huck) as a name for a future son. He'd go by Huck almost all the time. I'm now just trying to think of other boy's names that might go with Huck.

    Some of the other names on my list, to get a feel for my style:

    Finn (obviously wouldn't use w/ Huck)
    Theodore (nn Theo)

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated (FNs and/or combos).


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    I'd go w/John Henry and nn Jack, then you could use Finn.

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    husband approved list::
    Jude | Nolan | Brody | Asher | Nathan | Owen | Ezra | Trevor | Dylan | Zane
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Evangeline | Gwyneth | Delilah | Thea

    other favorites::
    Aviva | Shea | Bridget | Rosalind | Zora | Geneva | Cordelia | Betsy | Elena 'Lainey' | Evadne | Faye
    Lars | Otis | Rhett | Kieran | Teague | Neil | Evander | Quinn | Abram | Eamon | Ari | River

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    I like Grady, Beckett, Everett, Archer, Reed, Theodore...
    Huck and Edison nn Ned
    Huck and Edward nn Ned
    Huck and Clint
    Huck and Amos
    Huck and August nn Gus
    Huck and Booker
    Huck and Calvin nn Cal
    Huck and Corbin nn Ben
    Huck and Cormac nn Mac
    Huck and Dallin nn Dale
    Huck and Eben nn Ben
    Huck and Eliezer nn Eli
    Huck and Elijah nn Eli
    Huck and Ephraim nn Ram
    Huck and Eugene nn Gene
    Huck and Ezekiel nn Zeke
    Huck and Keaton nn Keats
    Huck and Kenyon nn Ken
    Huck and Franklin nn Frank
    Huck and Frederick nn Fred
    Huck and Garrett nn Rhett
    Huck and Jericho nn Jerry
    Huck and Leander nn Anders
    Huck and Leon nn Leo
    Huck and Oleander nn Olly
    Huck and Lincoln nn Link
    Huck and Malcolm nn Mac
    Huck and Peter nn Pete
    Huck and Quentin nn Quinn
    Huck and Rafferty nn Rafe
    Huck and Reuben nn Roo or Ben
    Huck and Russell nn Russ
    Huck and Roscoe nn Ross
    Huck and Stanton nn Stan
    Huck and Sullivan nn Sully, Ivan, or Van
    Huck and Tobias nn Toby
    Huck and Thomas nn Thom
    Huck and Truman nn True
    Huck and Walden nn Wally
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    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14

    Raphael Kaveh
    Currently stuck on girls

    Names I love, but cannot use:

    Soren Pasha, Caspian Bardia, Caspar Siavash, Elias Rostam, Simon Kasra
    Valentina Parvaneh, Rosalind Tala, Viola Katayoun

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    I was never enthusiastic about the name Henry, but Henry John "Huck" is adorable! I really do like it. Now for your other future son:

    August - "Aust"
    Charles - "Kurt"/"Kirk"
    Monroe - "Roe"
    Everett - "Ives"

    I know Everett was already on your list, but I like the nickname of Ives. And Wyatt just doesn't need one. I feel it goes perfectly with Huck : )
    Hugo Antony Colum-Julian Balthasar Fox-Piers Raphael St John-Arthur Casimir Becket

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