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  • Sam & Ben (Samuel Emmert & Benjamin Christopher)

    3 5.08%
  • Leo & Ari (Leo Emmert & Ari Christopher)

    24 40.68%
  • Leo & Felix (Leo Emmert & Felix Christopher)

    15 25.42%
  • Sam & Leo (Samuel Christopher & Leo Emmert)

    17 28.81%
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Thread: Leo & Ari

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    Leo & Ari

    I am pregnant with twins and not so patiently waiting for another 2 weeks to find out the sexes of the babies. If they are both boys, I really like Leo & Ari, they both mean "Lion", and I like that they are both simple 3 letter names. However, my DH feels that Ari won't work for us because we aren't Jewish and it's a Hebrew name, but I mean, people use many Hebrew names when they aren't Jewish, right? Does Ari strike you as overly religious? These are the current possibilities for twin boys:

    Sam & Ben (Samuel Emmert & Benjamin Christopher)
    Leo & Ari (Leo Emmert & Ari Christopher)
    Leo & Felix (Leo Emmert & Felix Christopher)
    Sam & Leo (Samuel Christopher & Leo Emmert)

    Emmert is my MIL's maiden name and will definitely be the middle name of a boy, even if there is just one. Christopher is my dad's name and will be the middle name for boy #2 if we have one. Our last name starts with R and is two syllables.

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    Sam & Leo are my favorite combo.
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    1 Leo and Felix - two of my favourite boys names. Both are full of vitality!
    2 Leo and Ari - an unexpected pairing that works.
    3 Sam and Leo - I like the fact that they're both three letters each.
    4 Sam and Ben - these are fine names and are "natural" brothers but they're a bit too predictable.
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    I like Sam & Leo best, but I would switch the middle names: Samuel Emmert & Leo Christopher.
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    Leo and Ari are great. The shared meaning is an added bonus. I don't think you need to be Jewish to use the name Ari, that's just silly. Joshua and Elizabeth are both Hebrew names, and I'd guess 90% of people with those names in the U.S. are not Jewish. I don't care for Felix, and Sam and Ben, while both good names, are a little on the boring side. Leo and Ari sound fresh though, especially together.

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