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    Second guessing our boy's name now...

    Hi Berries,
    I recently had a minor panic attack about our girl name selection, and through a post like this one, I was able to work through it. I'm hoping I will be able to do the same for our boy's name now.

    Here is the dilemma, I only want to use family names. We have always been very limited with our choices, especially if this turns out to be second boy. I want to know which name YOU think would be best as a first name, AND goes well with sibling Harold Jonathan, nn Hal. Also, feel free to include any particular name that you wouldn't use.

    Thanks so much for you help!
    (First Name Only) Your Choices Are: George, Barrett, Holt, Edward, Hugh, Kurt, Frederick, Francis, Tomberlin (nn Tom.)
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    Harold (Hal) and...


    These are all regal, neglected classics like Harold. Any of them would be perfect for Harold's brother.

    I wouldn't use:

    Barrett - too modern
    Holt - Hal and Holt are too matchy/cutesy for me
    Hugh - ditto Holt
    Kurt - dated, doesn't have the regal air that Harold has
    Tomberlin - would be perfect as a middle name, but very mismatched with Harold
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    Edward is my personal favourite of the names you listed. The only one I definitely wouldn't use is Holt, because Hal and Holt is a bit too matchy.
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    Thanks SouthernMaple-
    My issue with all the ones you selected is this: Do you think they sound good even with us calling him Hal? For instance, imagine yelling for Hal and Edward to come to dinner. Or for Hal and Francis to get off the swings. I think that is what has me worried....
    It's Official: Mother of Two, now
    Harold Jonathan, nn
    and Kurt Matthew!

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    Hal and Eddie or Hal and Frankie sound great.

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