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Thread: Fox

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    I love Fox! I find it handsome and totally wearable. Plus, with current naming trends Fox will stand out in a good way without being so far off base people think it's ridiculous.

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    I adore Fox, but I don't think it can work as a first name. We plan on using it in the mn spot and calling him by his mn.
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    My mother's maiden name is Fox and I always thought it would be neat to name a son Fox.

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    I don't think it can work as a first name. It's just too close to a 4 letter word, especially in toddler speak.

    We are considering it for a middle name though for our next.

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    I'll admit that when I first heard is as a name (on a tv show about 2 years ago?) I actually hated it. Since then I've actually grown to love it, in fact it's made it's way on to my list - as a middle name. I do really love nature names and I think Fox is very handsome, but I definitely think it belongs in the middle, with a bit of a sturdier, more established first name to support it. Personally I just cant picture a teenager or dad or even grandpa being named Fox.

    That all being said, if you love it you should use it.
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