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    Last name: Reid

    DH: Ezekial Ronan *Zeke*

    DW: Octavia Rose

    DD1: Maia Adele

    DD2: Raven Leonie *Leo*

    DS1: Oliver Godric

    DD3: Genevieve Ottoline *Otto*

    DS2: Sebastian Cole *Bas*

    DS3: William Knox *Liam*

    DD4: Ruby Louise

    DD5: Shiloh Grace

    DS4: Hugo Matthew

    Cat: Clyde
    Dog: Winchester *Winnie*
    Dog: Archie
    Top 10 Girls: Delphine *Elphi*, Octavia, Caroline, Zelda, Maia, Ruby, Lumina *Lumin*, Clarke, Mika, Rose

    Top 10 Boys: Theodore *Theo*, Sebastian *Bas*, Clyde, Malachi *Kai*, Ezekiel *Zeke*, Leo, Russell, Castiel *Cas*, Oskar, Wesley

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    Last name: Mitchell

    DH: Clayton James

    DW: Meredith Noelle (née Cullen)

    DD1: Evelyn Lake 'Lake'

    DD2: Ava Lorelei

    DS1: Asher Miles

    DD3: Gracyn Wren

    DS2: Thomas Reeve 'Reeve'

    DS3: Heath William

    DD4: Bethany Monroe 'Monroe'

    DD5: Chsrity Savannah 'Vannah'

    DS4: Nash Ryan

    Dog: Ramsey

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