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    Happiest being Lulu's Mama
    My favorites are always changing and never "go together"
    Girls: Spencer. Clementine. Juliet. Selah. Mae-Claire. Brighton. Bellamy. Anouk. Oona. Holiday. Tallulah. Fifer. Delphine. Magnolia. Simone. Octavia. Chloe
    Boys: Teague, Nash, John, Dexter. Everett. Harrison. Knoll. Baylor. Cormac. Pierce. Crew. August. Dawson. Thayer. Fletcher. Hayes. Gibson. Reid. Anson. Foster

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    Gwyneth Berkeley (9/95), Landon Bradley (12/98), Sawyer Kymberley (12/07), Alivia Presley (1/11), Ingrid Hadley (4/13) & Harlow Ripley (7/14)

    ~Gwen, Landon, Sawyer, Alivia, Hadley and Harlow~

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    The tenebrous fissures of my mind.
    Last Name: McMahon

    DH: Laird Mingus
    DW: Answer Meredith

    DD1: Dash Anne
    DD2: Raven Asha
    DS1: Kipp Godric
    DD3: Baya Winter
    DS2: Lynx Gray
    DS3: River Tarquin
    DD4: Florrie January
    DD5: Kodiak Muse
    DS4: Penn Odin

    Cat: Hamlet Winston
    Dog: Ramsey Toulouse

    - Francesca

    "What fiction could match - in drama or suspense - man's first walk on the Moon?"
    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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