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    River, love. River Rat, don't love.

    I am pretty picky when it comes to how first and surnames come together. I have been crushing on River for a boy but pared with our last name that begins with an AT sound I'm concerned that when both his names are said together there will be distinct "river rat" sound. Not quiet what I was going for. Thoughts?

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    As long as your last name doesn't start w/Rat- , I doubt you have anything to worry about. It would never occur to me to pull 'River Rat' from River Atkins or Atwood or any similar surname.

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    I agree with rkrd!

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    I dunno, kids are clever. Do you like Rivers?
    Some current considerations:

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    Giving your child a great name isn't bully-proof.
    Kids are clever, which means that they're going to find a way to tease your child no matter which name you choose.
    River Atkins sounds fine.
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