View Poll Results: Which first name is the most unique/memorable, classy, elegant and feels timeless?

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  • Sylvie True (would go by both)

    25 26.88%
  • Cosette

    29 31.18%
  • Sylvie Gold (would go by both)

    4 4.30%
  • Winslet

    18 19.35%
  • Coralina

    17 18.28%
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    2 weeks to go...HELP!

    We just cannot decide. We had our first daughter’s name months in advance. Now, we have 2 weeks left and are so stuck.
    First Daughter’s First Name (yes, she goes by both names) is Ellary Day.

    We want our second daughter’s name to be memorable, unique/rare/distinct, classy, elegant, a timeless feel to it (but not boring) and somewhat feminine (doesn’t have to be super girly but clearly a girl name over a boy name).

    Here is our final list for first names:
    1. Cosette
    2. Sylvie True (would go by both names)
    3. Sylvie Gold (would go by both names)
    4. Winslet
    5. Coralina

    THANK YOU for your thoughts, comments, votes, suggestions!

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    My favourite is definitely Cosette, it's a great name and goes well with your first daughter.
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    I almost voted for Sylvie True, but I'm afraid it will sound too much like "she'll be true" so that has put me off. Sylvie Gold isn't appealing to me, I'm afraid - it resembles "silver gold" and that's worse. I like the idea of the double-barreled Sylvie name, although on the negative side it would follow the exact pattern of the older sister, and if you ever had more children, might you feel obligated to keep up the set?

    I like Winslet but I don't think it qualifies as "timeless." I voted for Coralina. It's unusual, feminine, distinct, and has the playful (but classy) kind of "feel" that Ellary Day has.

    Sorry, I still don't think Cosette is classy.
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    I'd say Winslet fits best with your daughter's name. It has he feminine connection but doesn't sound very girly, just like Ellary. It definitely is unique and timeless but has the same modern feel as Ellary.

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    I haven't voted but looking at your criteria I wanted to say that to me, Winslet is not clearly a girl name - partly it feels masculine to me because I know it's a surname, and partly I think because it's close enough to Winston.

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