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    History of name Solenne

    Hi all
    I have a baby girl named Solenne (also spelled Solene, Solenn) and I named her after a French-Canadian friend. I know the name is from the Brittany region of France and there was a saint solenne. Trouble is beyond this I'm having a very hard time finding a modern "nameberry-like" review of her name. For my other two children (Kai & Theo) I have great information -- The french sites like to do a personality-trait prediction based on the name which is super annoying. See below. This I'm not looking for.

    Solene attach great importance to moral values ​​such as honesty , respect and generosity. Loyal , they never break their word. They are often happy and cheerful , they lead a quiet life and do everything to keep their independence.
    Solenne (Leni), Eve, Zoe, Nora, Claudia, Ada, Annie, Fiona, Nina
    Kai, Ronan, Emmett, Finn, Theo, Ian, Will

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