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    Exclamation Revamping the baby list!

    Im hoping to get pregnant soon and really want to update all my lists..

    So I Love most of the names in my signature. some of them more than others..... but I feel like i need new options and names. (whether it be combos for ones already there or new name combos all together) Please help!
    Abram. Caleb. Demitri. Elias. Elijah. Evan. Ezra. Gideon. Hezekiah. Jedediah. Kevin. Levi. Luke. Daniel. Joseph. Mason. Matthew. Mitchell. Malachi. Nathaniel. Trevor. Zechariah. Zephaniah

    Alaina Faith. Meleah Rose. Isabelle. Bethany. Alice. Amelia. Charlotte. Claire. Eleanor. Emily. Liylah. Lillian. Adalyn/Adeline. Madelyn/Madaline. Maddison. Elise.

    Guilty Pleasures
    Male: Declan. Jude. Nolan. Owen. Reid. Rhys. Riley. Tobias. Theodore

    Female: Emery

    *Mommy to Joshua Paul*

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    Names on your list I think are excellent and you should definitely keep:

    Abram, Caleb, Declan, Elias, Elijah, Evan, Ezra, Gideon, Jude, Levi, Luke, Daniel, Joseph, Mason, Matthew, Mitchell, Malachi, Nathaniel, Nolan, Owen, Reid, Rhys, Tobias, Theodore.

    BEST NAMES: Declan, Ezra and Theodore (honourable mentions to Gideon, Joseph and Nathaniel).
    BEST COMBINATIONS: Declan Joseph, Ezra Matthew and Theodore Reid.

    Adeline, Alaina, Alice, Amelia, Bethany, Charlotte, Claire, Eleanor, Elise, Emily, Faith, Isabelle, Lillian, Rose.

    BEST THREE: Alice, Eleanor and Rose (honourable mentions to Adeline, Charlotte and Lillian).
    BEST COMBINATIONS: Alice Claire, Eleanor Faith and Rose Charlotte.

    Names on your list I think are average at best and you should probably toss:

    Demitri, Hezekiah, Jedediah, Kevin, Riley, Trevor, Zechariah, Zephaniah.

    Emery, Meleah, Liylah, Adalyn, Madelyn/Madaline (fine if spelled Madeline), Maddison.
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