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    Please help us name #2

    Hi Berries,

    You helped me name my daughter (Mila Grace). Now I need help with baby #2. We aren't finding out the gender. We already have a boys name picked out (Harvey Fletcher), but we're really stuck for girls names. I just went through the nameberry top 1000 and these are the names that stood out to me:

    Olivia, Rose, Eve, Mae, Florence, Isobel, Kate, Madeleine, Poppy, April.

    I don't really love any of them the same way I love Harvey.

    Please help me with a first/middle combination using inspiration from the list above (but it doesn't have to be limited to the list above). I'm also a little put off by super popular names.

    Thanks so much

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    Madeleine and Rose are two of my most favourite names!

    I think some combos that could work with your list are:
    Madeleine Rose
    Madeleine April
    Mae Florence
    Florence Eve
    Poppy Isobel
    Poppy April
    Isobel Madeleine
    Isobel Eve
    Olivia Rose
    Sofia + Ava + Emmeline
    Hazel + Josephine + Ailin + Grace
    Sadie + Naomi + Imogen + Margot


    Freddie + River + Kai + Wilder
    Asa + Cole + Jude + Milo
    Finnagan + Luka + Amory + Danny

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    I just read the names and Olivia stood out to me most. Olivia -> Harvey and Olivia -> Mila seem to suit too. I will just try every combination so you can choose the one you like and I will put * to my favorites.

    Olivia Rose*
    Olivia Eve
    Olivia Mae
    Olivia Florence*
    Olivia Isobel
    Olivia Kate
    Olivia Madeline
    Olivia Poppy
    Olivia April

    I think Rose suits Olivia the most.
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    Florence Kate
    Flora Mae
    Rosie Mae

    I notice that you seem to have two months in your list - April and Mae - is that when your baby is due?

    And, second question, are you not comfortable with Harvey as a girl's name? If you were, then what about:

    Florence Harvey

    Or other names ending in a 'vee' sound like:

    Alvee (meaning elf friend or noble friend, Old English), also Alvey, Alvie
    Genivee (lady of the people, Celtic)
    Hervey (battle ready woman warrior, English)
    Marvie (wonder or miracle, English)

    Alvee Rose
    Olivia Genivee
    Hervey Mae
    Isobel Marvie

    Wishing you a happy, safe delivery of your new little one.

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    Top choices:
    Winifred Hazel and Casper Linus

    Daisy Ruby Violet Hazel June Louise Frances Clementine
    Winifred Josephine Beatrice Marion Cordelia Eleanor

    Casper Theodore Oscar Oliver Henry Harry Archie Arthur
    August Jude Harvey Reuben Leo Leopold Linus Otto

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