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    Fascinating stories everyone! When I was third grade I went to a book sale with my mom and bought a baby name book. I would use it to name my Barbies and characters in the stories I would write. I still have the book and it is so funny to look through at the names I highlighted or my own concoctions written in the margins. Some are very chic and wearable others not so much!!

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    I love all these stories! My fascination with names began when I was in middle school. There wasn't one specific thing that started it, but I remember reading Edith Hamilton's Mythology in my English class and loving all the names of the gods, nymphs, etc. I also remember around that time a lot of celebrities were naming their children "crazy" names, and I loved how unique they were (my favorite was Pilot Inspektor). I started to spend time going through baby names online, and I made a lot of baby name lists during my classes in middle school!

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    Character naming when I was 13. Then I got addicted. My friends think I'm a total weirdo, but that's okay, because they're right. At least my kids will have cooler names than theirs.
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    My mother sells books, and one day when I was nine years old I found Bruce Lansky's "Baby names around the world". I read that thing from cover to cover over and over and over again. Heck, I'm still reading it (even if the binding is broken).
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    Sometimes I think I was just born with it. I got a doll when I was three and named her Gilly Renee. All of my dolls had first and middle names. I remember sitting in the third grade and making lists of my favorite names. A few years ago I stumbled upon an old list at my Grandmother's house and it made me laugh. I too would search the cabbage patch kid aisle and read the names. I still remember a special My Little Pony that I could order and name myself. I named her Niagra (after the waterfalls) and thought i was in heaven. At the age of eight my mom bought me my first copy of Beyond Jennifer and Jason (way before Madison and Montana) and I would read it every night! My mom is a name nerd too and we both see names in colors, so...yeah I think I was born with it! Sometimes it still blows me away that I have actually NAMED my

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