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    I dont think Vanessa is strange as a name. Sure it was more popular in the 90's but I still think of it as incredibly trendy and normal.
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    I think Vanessa is a fine name. I wouldn't say it's my favourite V name, as I vastly prefer the likes of Victoria, Violet, Veronica or Vivian as examples. But I think Vanessa is fine. And while it might have been more popular about 20 years doesn't strike me as "dated" like Jennifer or Michelle does (although I kind of like Michelle).

    Stick with Vanessa. It's a well known name, that isn't too common amongst babies right now. I would rather meet a little Vanessa any day than another "Nevaeh". That's for *bleeping* sure.

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    I think that some people, when they hear Vanessa, they think of a dark headed enchantress. A witch. Probably because when Ursala changes into a pretty captivating witch to steal Eric from Ariel in the Little Mermaid... her name is Vanessa. It is such a short little bit, but a fairly iconic moment that a lot of people can't place WHY they have that reaction... they just do.

    I know three girls named Vanessa. Two are 26. One is 13. One is an ex alcholic who works at KFC as the manager and has a couple kids out of wedlock. One is a successful realtor who bought her first house with cash by the time she was 20 while also perusing a duel degree and a career as a sign language interrupter. The 13 year old is home schooled and into karate. That is all i really know about her. lol Of these three, one is French decent, one is Hispanic decent, one is 100% Native American. 2 have curly hair, 2 have black hair, 1 has red hair, 1 is part of a twin set.

    I think a Vanessa can pretty much be anyone she wants to be because there are very few stereotypes associated with the name which is a great thing.
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    I wouldn't let people's reactions put you off a name you love! It's not really my style, but everyone is different and Vanessa Claire is nice enough. I think it's different enough from all the Sophia/Emma/Isabella's that she'll stand out, but not too different, so she'll still kind of fit in.. if that makes any sense at all!

    I think if you love it you should keep it, regardless of what people think. Give yourself a bit more time and I'm sure you won't be able to picture her with any other name!


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    I'm actually relieved by this - I was expecting the worst from the title.

    Your daughter has a beautiful, stunning and (imo) timeless name that I think any girl would love to wear. Like you said, with it's decent popularity it's nowhere near obscure and will not stand out amongst her peers. As for the negative reactions - there's a good chance you'd wrinkle your nose at some of their name choices too, so don't let it affect you at all! Good luck with your beautifully named kiddos!

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